28th November 2020

SMD Quartz and Oscillators have arrived at K2 Electronics

We are proud to announce that we added SMD Quartz and Oscillators in our product range. With the demand growing higher, we’ve introduced a new category of Quartz and Oscillators of the best quality for a cost-effective price. We can offer various sizes and specification, amongst which: 7E Series (Ceramic sealed 2520 SMD) 2520 size ultra […]

10th June 2020

LIPO Batteries available at K2 Electronics

We are proud to announce the release of our new Lithium Polymer Battery K2-LP523450. The K2-LP523450 from K2 is a rechargeable lithium ion battery with connector terminals. Nominal voltage is 3.7V Battery capacity is 980mAh at 0.2C Charge voltage of 4.2V Maximum charging current is 930mA Charging temperature range from 0°C to 45°C Discharging temperature […]

28th April 2020

K2 Introduces their K2-8530S Magnetic Buzzer Transducer

The K2-8530S is a magnetic transducer buzzer housed in a 8.5 mm x 8.5 mm surface mount package. Featuring a low profile of 3 mm and an SPL of minimum 85 dB at 10 cm, this micro buzzer is ideal for any portable applications. They come with a MOQ of 1000 pcs/reel and an average [...]
12th March 2020

Some Electronic Components are resistant to Coronavirus

Coronavirus is worrying electronics manufacturers (source: The coronavirus is sparking anxieties among electronics manufacturers, the companies responsible for assembling everything from computers to lawnmowers to power generators. And if issues with suppliers based in China and potential shipping bottlenecks aren’t resolved in a timely fashion […] “I believe the worst is yet to come,” one […]

6th November 2018

Migrating to a new server

We are pleased to inform you that we are migrating our website to a new server for more security, speed and space, in order to give our visitors the best experience.
We might encounter some disruptions over the next few days, we apologise in advance. We’re working on fixing everything, and access will be fluid again very shortly.
Thanks in advance for your understanding.